Transitions LifeCare

Here at TLC (Transitions LifeCare), our goal is to the be the one stop solution for patients, caregivers and healthcare providers, for health care resourcing, care setting transitions, patient empowerment, and so much more through the golden years of our community’s elderly demographic.

Through a broad range of services, we will help each individual patient and patient family become empowered to make decisions that positively impact patient healthcare outcomes, provide organization and structure with all influences involved in driving input and decisions to the patient’s individual care, assist providers in cross-provider communication, personally assist patients with home visits from the LifeCare Transitions team and Case Manager, assist with medication management, reminders, safety risks and concerns, resourcing for additional support, preventative medicine education, and much more.

As we develop new initiatives and programs, our overall focus will be on the elderly population within our community and coverage area. Our aim is to assist this demographic with navigating the labyrinth of health care systems, to ensure that the best outcomes are achieved, patient/family informed decisions are executed, quality and quantity of life is achieved.

Our latest initiative is our LifeCare Transitions program, which is focused on assisting patients and family as they move across different care settings. There are many different types of care settings, including a patient’s Home, Hospital, Skilled Nursing, Assisted Living, Long Term Care, Physician Clinics, Emergency Rooms, Urgent Care, EMSA transport, Dialysis, and on and on…So as you can see, there are many different kinds of combinations for the LifeCare Transitions case management team to assist in the navigation, communication, record keeping, organization and follow up for each different setting as a whole, essentially bringing it all together, as each specific setting has its own individual processes, procedures and documentation. In brief, LifeCare Transitions a Home Based Palliative Care Organization that focuses on providing many of the services mentioned above, with goals of improving care setting transition outcomes, patient education, empowerment and cross-provider communication. Please visit the specific LifeCare Transitions palliative care services page, from the menu at the top of this home page for additional information.

If you or someone you know would like to inquire about the services we provide, please use the Contact Us inquiry link, and we will follow up with you within 12hrs, to address your questions and needs, or you can call our offices 24/7/365 for immediate response. All of our services are covered by most insurance providers, including Medicare and state Medicaid plans. When patients and families do not have insurance or a payer source, part of our services is to assist in resourcing for needs to obtain a payer source, and more importantly, receive some immediate direction on implementing a support and care structure to address patient and family concerns.

We will be updating our site regularly, to include our latest initiatives and services as we roll them out to the community. Being proactive is empowering, and questions are a great place to start receiving answers and help. When patients are able to get in front of issues, complications and communication breakdowns, positive experiences and outcomes are the natural result.

Please check back often for the latest, and feel free to contact us with your needs, questions or service ideas that you feel you, or someone you know, may have benefit, with the right structure in place.

Phone: (918) 551-6879